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"My sales jumped by a few hundred dollars and have consistently remained 15-20% higher than they had been previously." - Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness

Connect to Convert Your Ideal Customers

Is your website drawing your “ideal” customers closer to you?

Your sales systems can make your business a lot easier or very very hard. You probably have a lot of small improvements that could add up to big wins all over your landing pages, blog posts, and sales pages.  Let’s put all these pieces together, so that your pages layer together, creating a domino effect that allows you to help more people and grow your business.

People want to connect with you if you give them good reasons to deepen the connection.

We provide businesses with value-centered connection systems that fit their personality. We enjoy a good mystery like my good friend Sherlock Holmes. Ok, he isn’t my good friend, but I really enjoy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories.

Your business success is dependent on your earning people’s trust quickly and encouraging your best customers to tell their friends about your great products and services. If this doesn’t happen your domino effect will stop before it has a chance to tip into more people.

We start by understanding your company. We look at five main aspects of your business. Your company’s personality. Your mission (the why behind your actions), core values (what your company stands for) and connection superpowers (what you do well and how we can leverage these skills), and developing connection systems that you can measure and refine to improve your conversion rate.

Then we create a custom tailored plan that helps you turn customers into fans.

We specialize in:

  1. Value-centered conversion. (The value you give to your customers and the values you use to attract them are a big reason for your success or lack thereof.)

I use my gifts of creativity (Icelandic side) and analytics (German side) to help you improve your conversion rate. You can learn more about this on my about page.

We do this through:

The domino effect from start to finish so you can reach more people.

Your Focus

Every  connection is a chance to help more people. It’s about lining up all your dominoes, so when you start the process they all tip in sequence. We’ve gone through it ourselves and with clients. It’s a process that can frustrate if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why we’re here. You have access to a handpicked team that helps design your systems (landing page, sales page, advertising campaign and social media campaign) so you improve your conversion rate and retain more customers.

Supercharge Your Next Campaign

If you are ready to find your ideal people and earn their trust then let’s get started today. It’s not about being being flashy. It’s about delivering high quality value that people want to share with their friends.

Ok, so the more time we have the better. We prefer to have at least a couple months before your campaign is launched so we can make sure every last detail is in place for optimal success.

The most important aspect of your campaign is your landing page. How well you collect your leads is vital to improving your conversion rate. If it isn’t designed and written well you won’t see the lead generation you expect. That’s why we offer connection reviews to help attract your ideal customers and increase your conversion rate.

Check out what our delighted clients think about us.

Learn More About Karl Staib the Sherlock Holmes of Websites

You can learn more about me at my about page. Why we love what we do and if we would be a good fit for each other.

After one sessions with Karl, he helped me identify a dozen small things with my sales pages that could be fixed.  After dragging my feet for a few days, I finally set aside two hours to make Karl’s proposed changes.  Not surprisingly, my sales jumped by a few hundred dollars during our first few days afterward and have consistently remained 15-20% higher than they had been previously.  Karl was great to work with, never encouraging any cheesy or shady sales tactics; instead, he helped me refine an honest message to sell a product that helps people live better lives.” – Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness
“Karl Staib is intelligent, charming, and does what he says he’s going to do. Bottom: he’s the real deal and can be counted on to fulfill his promises.”- Michael Port (Best Selling Author of Book Yourself Solid)