Twitter Party Course

Twitter Authority for Authors, Speakers and Bloggers

Are you trying to build buzz for your business, but can’t seem to get anywhere? Are not quite sure what to do to separate yourself from the crowd?

The Twitter Party Course for Author’s, Speakers and Bloggers is one of key ingredients to creating buzz that helps you gain new followers, earn people’s trust and make sales.

It’s time to say hello to the new wave of marketing. Marketing no longer just about telling people that you have amazing stuff to buy. It’s about creating an experience that builds trust and encourages people to share your amazing products and services with their friends on social media.

Twitter Party defined: A Twitter party is creating an event on Twitter that gets a lot of people to join in, win prizes and share your ideas with their friends.

Here are only some of the benefits of buying the guide today:

  • You’ll have a strategic technique of building an audience that helps you build your tribe.
  • You’ll have the ability to create an online event to spur your viral marketing efforts.
  • You’ll be able to connect with people with larger audience and offer them value in return.
  • You’ll learn the best techniques of what not to do and what to do with your Twitter party.
  • You’ll have all the forms to make your Twitter party go off without a hitch.
  • and much, much more…

Who Am I?

Hi. I’m Karl Staib and I’ve thrown some really big Twitter parties for some amazing thought leaders. I’ve been featured on Fortune, Copyblogger and many other popular website and blogs.

What I do: Besides helping small business owners figure out a marketing strategy that actually works, I throw online events (AKA Twitter parties) for thought leaders who want to create excitement around what they do and build a tribe. I also tell my story on my blog of how I’ve been able to create a Marketing Domino Effect using social media.

My goal is to help you not only improve your business and increase your revenues but also build online trust that can ripple out into the world for years.

Who I’ve thrown Twitter parties for:

(Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth, Michael Port of Book Yourself Solid, Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha, James Chartrand of Men with Pens, Johnny B. Truant, Amy Porterfield and many more thought leaders soon to come)


  • Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha book improved her Amazon ranking from 10,000 to 2,406 in 24 hours.
  • Danielle LaPorte had a 32% increase in sales to her Your Big Beautiful Book Plan during the week of the party and even the second week after the party was over. We generated 766 tweets during the Twitter party hour and 1,387 tweets from January 11th through the 18th.
  • Jonathan Mead had his best sales launch ever with a Twitter party to kick off his launch. He sold $65,344 of product during his launch.

Who is this course for:

  • Thought Leaders (authors, speakers, bloggers) who want to build their online tribe.
  • Community managers working for small to medium size companies.
  • People who enjoy building online authority.

Inside the Extensive Twitter Party Guide you’ll learn:

1. What is a Twitter Party?

 What are the 2 different types of parties you can throw.
 How a Twitter party helps you build great relationships.
 Nitty-Gritty of prizes, rules, etc.

2. How to Build Strong Relationships on Your Social Networks

 How to research who to follow and connect with.
 Creating your Twitter conversation style.
 Why your values are so important to building great connections.

3. Understand Why You Want to Throw a Twitter Party

 Understand your goals.
 Create a theme that fits your personality as well as brings in an audience.

4. The Fundamentals of Creating an Twitter Party

 Know when your audience wants to hang out with you online. (e.g. in the morning, afternoon or night)
 Know your offer and why people want to join in on the fun.

5. Bring People on Board for Your Party

 How to create an enticing message that bring your “ideal” people to the party.
 How to Create Mystique around your party.
 5 Amazing Tips to get People to Attend Your Party

6. Throw a Killer Party

 The keys to getting people to engage with your message.
 Creating a theme that draws people in.
 Step by step process to keeping people engaged at your party.

7. Measure the ROI of Your Party

 What statistics to measure.
 Why it’s not only about the statistics.

8. Use Your Party as a Slingshot

 Understanding people’s choices.
 What to do after the party is over.

9. Create a Social Media Domino Effect

 Why getting people to know, like and trust you is so important.
 Why you can’t throw just one party and expect everyone to come running to buy your stuff.

10. Best Practices: Twitter Party

 Why highlighting other people at your party is important.
 The essence of good storytelling is vital to creating compelling teleseminar for your listeners.
 Brand building should be a major part of creating your Twitter party.

Interviews to Optimize Your Parties

Lori Deschene Interview

  • We break down what went right and wrong at Lori’s party.

Lisa Robbin Young Interview

  • We discuss what causes a Twitter party to work well


Learn how to optimize your party videos:

  1. Handling Twitter feed with Tweetchat or something similar.
  2. How to use Hootsuite to schedule posts.
  3. Motivational video about being scared and having fun with it.
  4. The key principals behind staying in touch with people after party, so they join your tribe.

All my documents

I’ve been able to make the Twitter party experience as smooth and painless as possible. I’m giving you access to everything that I do and how to make sure your party is a success.

Not Only Do You Gain Access To The Twitter Party Guide, Interviews to optimize your party, videos to help you throw the process you’ll also get…

  1. Chris Guillebeau Interview
  2. Danielle LaPorte Interview
  3. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income


You also get sample emails, tweets, blog posts, and questions that I have created for past parties.

Sign up now for the limited-time “Bonus Rate!”


Bonus Rate: $97

“At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Twitter Party, but it exceeded my expectations. I was able to earn new followers and build stronger bonds with current followers. These followers turn into clients and help bring in new business to boot. I can’t wait to do another one! But, even better, I can’t wait to do another one with Karl Staib. He is intelligent, charming, and does what he says he’s going to do. Bottom: he’s the real deal and can be counted on to fulfill his promises. I highly recommend Twitter parties as an effective and worthwhile marketing tool.”- Michael Port (Best Selling Author of Book Yourself Solid)


“Is it worth it?”

The most expensive Twitter party package that I have would cost you over $1,000. You get all the material for a fraction of the cost.

That doesn’t even include the hours and hours of training, videos, worksheets along with the option of direct accountability and support.

Sign up now for the “Bonus Rate!”


Bonus Rate: $97

Our No-Risk 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you don’t love the Twitter Party Course for Author’s, Speakers and Bloggers, call or email me within the first month and I’ll refund every penny plus you can keep the downloaded interviews just for giving it a try.

So really you have nothing to lose, yet you have EVERYTHING to gain!


Why should I listen to you?

Because I’ve been able to create Twitter parties for clients that got amazing results. I know you can get great results too if you implement the ideas in this course.

Why are you selling this info instead of just doing it?

I am doing it, but I wanted you to have access to the information so you can create buzz for your products too.

Yes I want access when it’s ready!

All 10 Twitter Party Modules:

  1. What is a Twitter Party?
  2. How to Build Strong Relationships on Your Social Networks
  3. Why Should You Throw a Twitter Party?
  4. The Fundamentals of Creating an Twitter Party
  5. Bring People on Board for Your Party
  6. Throw a Killer Party
  7. Measure the ROI of Your Party
  8. Use Your Party as a Slingshot
  9. Create a Social Media Domino Effect
  10.  Best Practices: Twitter Party


Plus You Get…

  • A Huge Resource List that Makes Your Party Spreadable
  • A Checklist for Your Party so you don’t miss a step.
  • A Marketing Time Table to help you plan out your party.


Bonus Rate: $97

So I’m excited to jump in with you and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Looking forward to seeing the amazing results that you get!


Karl Staib

P.S. Just let me know if I can do more to help you create even more authority and buzz on Twitter!

P.S.S. If you buy the course and you still want me to help you with the Twitter party, then you can apply the cost of the course to your first party and you will still get to keep all the information.